Keep or share memos on webpages
Virtual sticky notes for any webpage
Stick – Share - Sync | stick memos where they matter

Drop virtual sticky notes on webpages
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Share stickies with friends/coworkers
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Auto syncs all your Chrome devices
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Team up & manage teams
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Sync up stickies with Jira…and more
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A one minute video that will stick with you forever
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Helping People and Teams Stick Together!
ScreenSticky is a lightweight browser extension that lets you create, view, share, and manage virtual Post-It Notes on any webpage, image, or online doc. Post Sticky memos anywhere on your screens. Track them everywhere. They’re fun, they’re cute, and they’ll save you tons of time. Download ScreenSticky free from the Chrome store. Get sticky!
Free Forever!
Make and Keep Memos Where They Belong
With a click, drop Stickies anywhere, on any webpage or document, anchored in the place you put them. We safely store and load your sticky memos so you (and those you authorize) can access them anytime that page is visited. Move, hide, manage or delete your Stickies at will, from the place you put them or from your Stickies dashboard. It’s quick, fun, and easy!
Sticking Together as an Agile Team
ScreenSticky Professional Edition is perfect for collaboration and productivity, integrating with tickets on Jira, Github:issues, Slack, and other project management apps, streamlining workflow, saving time, and making life easier for everyone on your team. Upgrade to the Pro edition, so you can give people, colleagues or clients permission to view or interact with your ScreenSticky pages, writing or moving around sticky notes in real-time. It’s like having a virtual, cross-platform Kanban board, and it can connect all the apps you are using. A click turns Stickies into Jira, Github:issues or Trello tickets. Slack and Zapier integrations accelerate workflow. With ScreenSticky, everyone can get on the same page -- literally!
Free for Teams to Try!
Team User Management Never Gets Stuck
We all live and work in fast-paced, dynamic environments. So ScreenSticky makes it easy to add, mute, or delete users, projects, and teams. Choose which Stickies to keep private, and which to share for projects the team is working on. Give and receive Sticky notifications.
Which Color is your Sticky?
ScreenSticky is available in classic yellow, of course. But why limit yourself? Flaunt your creativity by changing Sticky sizes, shapes, colors, fonts. Make and share custom Stickies. Sticky Creativity doesn’t just grab attention. It’s great for categorizing projects and priorities. Get sticky with all your friends and colleagues.
Stick forever in their minds and on their screens!
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