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Going digital on Tesla with virtual Sticky Notes

Preparations for My Online Research

Recently, the teacher told us to study up on Nikola Tesla, a famous inventor, and write an essay about him. I’m rarely excited about essay assignments, but this time I was really looking forward to it, as Tesla is someone I deeply admire because of his exceptional achievements.

I feel most inspired by a nice cup of Joe, so I took my laptop and headed to my favorite coffee shop to do my research. After the first heavenly sip, I started searching for relevant stuff online. The first search query result brought me to a Wikipedia page about Tesla.

Time to Make Some Notes!

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As I was planning to write an essay that tackled both with Tesla’s character and personal life, and his groundbreaking achievements, this page was a good place to start. I began reading and found some fascinating stuff for my essay that I wanted to write down.

But I didn’t want to waste time on writing everything on paper, or even bookmarking everything so that I could later print that stuff out. I decided to create sticky notes.

I didn’t want to use those built-in sticky notes on my computer, because I wanted the notes to stay on the webpage, exactly where I needed them. Is that even possible?

Can I Make Digital Notes Stick on the Webpage?

I found that I actually could! Unbelievable! I started dropping digital sticky notes on the Tesla webpage I visited.

I thought it would be interesting to start the essay with a fun fact about Tesla, so I made a note about an average person knowing about the car, but having absolutely no knowledge of Nikola. A lot of my classmates actually thought we were supposed to write an essay about the car manufacturer. Spoiler alert: a few of them did eventually submit essays about the car company and Elon Musk. If only you could have seen their faces when they found out about the real assignment!

But back to my fun discovery. Being absolutely thrilled about my virtual notes, I went and added one about Nikola being a handsome and fascinating storyteller and quite the man with the upper class at the time.

Diving deeper into my research, and visiting more and more websites, I found that I saved quite a lot of time dropping my digital notes on all the webpages I visited. And they hadn’t moved an inch! They stuck on the pages, even after closing and reopening them!

Sharing Is Caring!

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I was so excited and immediately wanted to share this discovery with my classmates, helping them study too in the process. That’s when I found out that I could actually share my digital notes with them! We started exchanging messages within this incredibly useful tool, and all of us could even edit the notes in real-time, which was more than helpful for all of us.

After my second coffee cup, I was already halfway to finishing my essay. I was typing at lightning speed, copying all my notes, and transforming them into a genuinely well-versed piece resulting in an A+!

And that’s in good part thanks to those virtual notes that helped me gather all the necessary information faster. I didn’t need to leave the coffee shop to print anything out, as I had all my notes right where I needed them.

Right now, I honestly can’t wait for the next writing project. I’m sure it will be just as fun, even if it’s not going to be about Tesla. I know all of my classmates will join me this time, as I got them all addicted to my digital sticky notes! They are truly a life-saver!

Thank you ScreenSticky founders for giving me early access to the platform. I am hooked!
Yours truly, Bella

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